2008 Annual Meeting

Dates: November 5 - 6, 2008

Annual Report: 2007 - 2008 Annual Report

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

8:15 am
Welcome and Introductions
» Rich Linton
» Shu-I Tu
» James Lindsay
8:45 am
Overview and Update of the Research Cooperative Agreement of the Center for Food Safety Engineering at Purdue
» Rich Linton
9:00 am
Engineering of biosystems for the detection of Listeria monocytogenes in foods
» Michael Ladisch
» Rashid Bashir
» Arun K. Bhunia
9:45 am
Optical Forward Scattering for Bacterial Colony Differentiation and Identification
» Arun K. Bhunia
Multipathogen Screening using Immunomicroarry
» Arun K. Bhunia
Optical biosensors for food pathogen detection
» Arun K. Bhunia
10:30 am
10:45 am
A method for capture and detection of E. coli 0157:H7 using polymer-immobilized phage
» Bruce Applegate
11:15 am
Nanoparticle based DNA multiplexed probes for pathogen detection using confocal raman microscopy
» Joseph Irudayaraj
Detection of food-borne pathogens via an integrated spectroscopy and biosensor-based approach
» Joseph Irudayaraj
12:00 pm
1:00 pm
Immunocapture real-time PCR to detect mycotoxigenic mold spores in grains
» Maribeth Cousin
1:30 pm
Portable Biosensor for Rapid and Ultra-Sensitive Identification of Organophoshorous Food-borne Contaminants
» Silvana Andreescu
2:00 pm
Peptide Array Biosensor for High throughput and multiplexed detection of food-borne pathogens
» James F. Leary
2:30 pm
Continuous monitoring of chemical agents in aqueous media using bioreporter-based sensors
» David Nivens
3:00 pm
Rapid, quantitative, and reusable immunosenors for bacteria detection on a microfluidic platform
» Chang Lu
3:30 pm
5:00 pm

Thursday, November 6, 2008

8:30 am
Food Safety Research in ARS
» Torrence
8:40 am
Recent Development in Collaboration
» Shu-I Tu
Detection of SLTs
» Shu-I Tu
9:10 am
Immunomagnetic Capture for the Microbiological and PCR Detection of L. monocytogenes in the Presence of other Listeria
» G. Paoli
» Fan
9:40 am
Development of an Oligonucleotide-based Microarray to Detect Multiple Foodborne Pathogens
» He
» Suo
10:10 am
10:30 am
» Shi
10:50 am
High Throughput, Multiplexed Screening of Foodborne Pathogenic Bacteria and Biomolecules with an Antibody Microarray
» A. Gehring
11:10 am
Detection of Staphylococcal Enterotoxins with Surface Plasmon Resonance Biosensor
» Medina
11:30 am
Overview of Our Research Projects involving the Analysis of Chemical Contaminants in Food
» Lehotay
11:50 am
1:00 pm
» Lawrence
1:20 pm
Characterization and analysis of plasmids in multi-antibiotic resistant Salmonella strains
» Chen
1:40 pm
Gene expression profiling of Listeria monocytogenes strain F2365 in UHT skim milk
» Liu
2:00 pm
Quest for a Food-borne Virus Mitigation Strategy
» Kingsley
2:20 pm
Development and Application of Antimicrobial Packaging in Food Safety
» Jin
2:40 pm
Contamination of Fresh Produce with Human Pathogens: Sources and Solutions
» Annous
3:00 pm
General Remarks
» Lindsay
3:05 pm